Technology with a Personal Touch

Kelly’s Komputers started in 1997 when its owner, Kelly Herold, was working for Staples in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Kelly was the technology lead and saw customer after customer purchase computers and peripherals without having much knowledge about how their purchases worked. Since Staples did not offer in-home installation or training, he saw a need and started Kelly’s Komputers. From his first customer, an 82 year old woman, to today, Kelly has helped hundreds of clients with everything from simple computer setup to server administration.

The key to Kelly’s Komputers’ service has always been Kelly’s belief that technology services are only useful when combined with a personal touch. We take the time to learn what our customers need and want. Then, we help them find a technology solution that fits their budget while getting the most “bang for their buck.” Each and every client of Kelly’s Komputers is unique, and we will strive to make our services match their needs as much as possible. There may be times we cannot meet at a mutual understanding, but we will always try our hardest, and even suggest a company that can better meet a client’s needs if need be.

If you take a look at our website and are interested in a service we offer but do not understand it, please contact us for more information. We are always happy to talk with people who need advice, even if you aren’t our customer…yet.

2 thoughts on “Technology with a Personal Touch

  1. Hey here………………didn’t know this………………….does this affect me as a client? I am waiting for CCT and they say possibly next summer…Cant wait! Just this am for whatever reason had to reset the little black box grrrrrrr! last night the same…..but I’m going to leave everything as is ! I’m not under a contract with them Yeah! I hear from all different friends on CCT already that the speed is incredible. They are never being kicked off line or not being able to connect never happens now!!! yeah! I use my laptop in Naples and NOT one problem ever…and high speed. We come home and it is almost weekly or more, I get kicked off or cant get online. as for you will you still be able to have appointments for people like me? thanks Karla Hoksch

    1. Karla, these changes are actually for customers just like you! Our home plans allow for monitoring your computer and any issues that arise anywhere you are in the world as long as you are connected to the internet. The support agent allows remote access you can view from your laptop, or we can access it from “behind the scenes” so you can keep working while issues get fixed. I will give you a call and explain more!

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