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Bring your website home to Kelly's Komputers Hosting! Our flexible plans are loaded with features to ease site building.

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Let Kelly's Komputers be your personal IT department. We save you time and money by managing your hardware and software.

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Learn with classes and training tailored for you. One-on-one training to group classes, we can help you reach peak efficiency!

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Chairty Technology

Charities and Technology: Focus on Your Mission, not IT Issues

Today, I am at a conference of local historical societies from all over the State of Wisconsin. Something I have learned from the past 15 years of working in both the charity and technology world is that many charitable organizations forgo their technology needs in hopes that the money can be used elsewhere. While I […]

Top 10

Top 10 List of Computer Security Practices

October is Cyber-Security Month, and we want to celebrate with a list of the top 10 habits to protect your PC (or Mac) and your data! Use strong passwords that cannot be easily guessed. Protect them from others. If you have to write them down, keep the list in a safe so others cannot steal […]

Technology with a Personal Touch

Kelly’s Komputers started in 1997 when its owner, Kelly Herold, was working for Staples in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Kelly was the technology lead and saw customer after customer purchase computers and peripherals without having much knowledge about how their purchases worked. Since Staples did not offer in-home installation or training, he saw a need […]